Swoony Boys Podcast

Anna-Marie McLemore starts us off with a brilliant elevator pitch for her latest title, Wild Beauty, and where the idea for the story came from.

We get some insight into how Anna-Marie works and how she develops what she's writing.

We find out what the publishing process has been like for Anna-Marie and why she's so thankful for her editor.

Anna-Marie tells us why celebrating the release of Wild Beauty will be unlike any other launch day she's had. Hint: You might be seeing her.

We chat about Fel and his swoony-ness, then Anna-Marie delves into why diversity in YA is so important to her, and it's one of the best answers in the history of ever.

Anna-Marie shares the most difficult thing about writing in this genre--and what the best part was, too.

We talk about Anna-Marie's favorite scenes in Wild Beauty.

Anna-Marie lets us know which of her characters she would love to introduce to any other character. It's fun!

Anna-Marie tells us two truths and a lie--and you're not going to believe the story she tells to go with it! We can't wait to see her at BEA or on tour!

Anna-Marie lets us know the two upcoming releases she's most excited about and about the books she loves to re-read and recommend to everyone.

We talk about Anna-Marie's favorite swoony boy and give her a little history lesson on our evolution of swoon.

We get serious as Anna-Marie lets us know what she would include in a letter to her 17-year-old self.

We wrap things up with a fun word association game and a big thanks to Anna-Marie McLemore for joining us on Swoony Boys Podcast.


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