Swoony Boys Podcast
  • Kasie West gives us her elevator pitch for By Your Side and lets us know where her idea for the book came from.
  • Kasie tells us about her writing environment and how she develops her writing.
  • Then she shares her publication process and how she celebrates new releases.
  • Kasie gives a heartfelt message about dealing with anxiety and how she wanted to portray her MC, Autumn.
  • We find out the three authors Kasie would like to be stuck in a library with.
  • Kasie shares how she writes swoony boys but doesn't give us any clues on where to find them in real life. :)
  • We talk about Kasie's favorite scenes in By Your Side and the ones she's glad she added in after the first draft.
  • Next we switch things up a bit and find out the characters that Kasie would like to introduce her characters too. If you know us, you know we're happy with her answer!
  • Kasie shares three fun things about herself with us and lets us know what she would write in a letter to her 17-year-old self.
  • We talk about Kasie's TBR and books she wants to help get the word out on. And we make fun of Jaime's reading schedule. As usual.
  • Kasie shares her favorite swoony boys and what she likes the most about them.
  • We play a fun word association game with Kasie to wrap things up. And it's hilarious!
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