Swoony Boys Podcast
Author Talk ft Jessica Brody

Podcast Notes


  • We jump right in with Jessica Brody's elevator pitch for A Week of Mondays and how she initially got the original idea for the book.
  • We were totally inspired by Jessica's writing strategy. She shares some insight into how she structures her day, the way she develops her work, and gives a little glimpse into how important Evernote is for her.
  • She gives us some detail on her brand new book, Save the Cat! Writes a Novel!.
  • We talk about Jessica's book development process, how long it takes from first draft to your bookshelves, and how Jessica celebrates her book birthdays.
  • Next we shift to swoony boys, specifically Owen. Jessica talks to us about her approach with writing Owen was different from other boys she's written.
  • Then we discuss Ellie, a bit about the Unremembered Series, and how Jessica secretly lives out her villainous fantasies.
  • Jessica answers our all-important question: will we get more Owen and Ellie?, discusses her ideas for A Month of Tuesdays, and lets us know her favorite scenes from A Week of Mondays.
  • Jessica lets us know the characters from her books that she would like to introduce to each other, then she plays a little game of Two Truths and a Lie with us.
  • Jessica lets us know how much she Mondays.
  • We shift to other people's books, and Jessica tells us what's on her massive TBR, her latest reads, and the book she wants everyone to read. You're welcome.
  • We talk about four book boyfriends that Jessica thinks are swoony, then we wrap things up by playing a fun word association game.
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