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Books We Fell For In Fall And Are Wishing For In Winter- the 2015 Version

We're back with another episode with Jaime and Erin, our favorite twinnies from Fiction Fare. Just like we did last time, we're bringing you our Favorite Fall Reads as well as our Most Anticipated Upcoming Winter 2016 Releases. Are you ready? Have a listen and leave us comment to let us know which books made your list!

Podcast Notes

  • We talk about our favorite Fall Reads.
  • We point out that Jaime never follows the rules always reads books way ahead of time.
  • We laugh about the fact that Meg is the only one who has read a particular fantasy series. Because dragons.
  • We are (not really) shocked by one of the books on Erin's Fall List.
  • We lament about the lack of resolution we get when reading all of Jennifer E. Smith's books.
  • There might be a mention of a secret word.
  • We list our most anticipated Winter 2016 reads.
  • We give you one of our #bookgoals.

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