Swoony Boys Podcast
Author Talk with Katie McGarry


  • We chat with Katie about Walk the Edge and how she came up with the idea for the Thunder Road Series.
  • We talk a little about partying. :)
  • Katie lets us know what her not so typical writing day looks like and her writing and publication process. And she gives us a Pushing the Limits spoiler!
  • We are completely mesmerized by Katie explaining the inspiration for her swoony boys. For real.
  • We talk a little more about Katie's characters, and she gives us some insight into the couple we'll see in the next Thunder Road book.
  • Katie talks about some of the most powerful scenes in her books.
  • Katie gives us one of the most fun answers ever when she tells us who she'd most like to introduce to her characters.
  • Katie has some more fun with us and lets us know three things that might surprise her readers.
  • We accuse Katie and Erin of having a conspiracy when Katie reveals her most recent reads and what's on her TBR.
  • We fangirl with Katie over one of her favorite authors, Trish Doller!
  • Katie reveals her original book boyfriend, and we try to talk her into writing fanfiction.
  • We play a fun word association game with Katie before letting her go.
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We Love BEA (2016 Edition)
  • Just like last year, we remind you about our previous posts about BEA, including our 2013, 2014, and 2015 Podcast Episodes and our Pre-BEA posts filled with fun tips.
  • We mention our favorite grabs (and biggest disappointments) from BEA this year, which can be found on our website.
  • We talk about bookish schedules and lament on the ineffectiveness of samplers.
  • And we get off on a crazy tangent and talk about lines and the seven kinds of hell they cause as well as why the autographing table spaces aren't being utilized in the best way they could be.
  • We discuss how some of us were more selective about what we brought home. Go us!
  • We mentioned some of the authors we were the most excited to squeeze meet.
  • We make fun of Erin's #pressback face.
  • We talk about how impressed Meg and Kass were that Jaime and Erin didn't consume copious amounts of Starbucks.
  • We dish about some of the awesome blogger events and signings we got to attend.
  • We talk about the wonderfulness of Anderson's Bookshop.
  • We giggle over Will Ritter's Hat.
  • We go over some fun aspects of hanging out in Chicago.
  • Then we discuss PierceCon BookCon some more, including the crowds:
  • We have lots of thank yous.
  • We make our early plan for next year--back in NYC!
  • We mention lots of other stuff on our website, so be sure to head over there and check it out!
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Author Talk ft Robin Constantine
  • Robin Constantine gives us her elevator pitch for The Season of You & Me and tells us what inspired her to write the story.
  • We chat about Jason Street a little bit. And swoon over Tim Riggins for a second.
  • li>Robin shares her writing environment and the way she writes.
  • We find out the way Robin celebrated when The Season of You & Me hit shelves.
  • Robin gives us the 411 on where her characters came from and if this is the last we'll see of Cassidy and Bryan.
  • We dish on summer camp a little bit before Robin reveals some of her favorite scenes.
  • We play two truths and a lie with Robin. You'll be surprised by her answers!
  • We get a little serious and ask Robin what she would include in a letter to her teenage self. Robin tells us what's on her always-growing TBR pile and the books she thinks are the most under-appreciated.
  • You know us--we have to talk about the swoon. Robin shares how she writes her swoony boys.
  • Finally, we play a little word association game with Robin. It's fun!


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Podcast Notes

  • Jenna Evans Welch gives us the low down on Love & Gelato, including the setting, the inspiration, and the characters.
  • Jenna talks about her writing style and whether or not we'll see more of Lina and Ren.
  • We find out Jenna's favorite scenes and some fun things about her.
  • Jenna tells us some of her favorite books and what makes her swoon.
  • Finally, Jenna plays a little word-association game with us. Some of her answers might surprise you.


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We're so excited to bring you another Author Talk Podcast Episode, this time featuring In Real Life author Jessica Love. We're super excited that she stopped by to chat with us, along with our favorite twinnies from Fiction Fare. We know you’re as excited as we are to hear what Jessica has to say about all the things, so jump right on in, and don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments.

Podcast Notes

Please note: the sound quality is not the best in this episode. We're working on it!

  • Author Jessica Love gets us started with her elevator pitch for In Real Life.
  • Jessica tells us about her dreams and where the idea for In Real Life came from.
  • We talk about diversity--in real life and In Real Life.
  • Jessica talks a little about her writing process and how much online friendships mean to us. #twilightforever
  • We grill Jessica on her characters and favorite scenes, and whether or not this is the last we'll see of this group. Hint: She hopes not!! *jumpyclaps*
  • We talk about road trips and Jessica's greatest adventures.
  • Then we get a little personal with Jessica, including finding out what's on her TBR pile and her moments of TV fame.
  • Of course, we can't let her go without talking about Swoony Boys, which becomes a tribute to Jason Segal.
  • Finally, we play a fun game with Jessica.
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We cannot express all the excitements we feel when introducing our featured author to you today in our latest Author Talk Podcast Episode: Jeff Zenter, author of the extraordinary The Serpent King! *epicflails* We're thrilled that he stopped by to chat with us, along with our favorite twinnies from Fiction Fare. We know you’re as excited as we are to hear what Jeff has to say about all the things, so jump right on in, and don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments.

Podcast Notes

  • Jeff gives us his elevator pitch for The Serpent King. There's an echoish noise. We're sorry about that, but we promise it goes away by the time we get to question two!
  • Jeff Zentner admits that he was obsessed with teen fashion bloggers ;)
  • We talk about the characters in The Serpent King and lots of interesting things about Jeff's writing process and how much he likes the editing process.
  • We discuss growing up in a small town.
  • Jeff (sort of) admits that he totally meant to make us cry. Even though he basically says he didn't.
  • Jeff shares his favorite scenes. And he makes a reference to Friday Night Lights that made us love him even more. #cleareyesfullhearts
  • We get a glimpse of what's on Jeff's current reads list and massive TBR pile.
  • Jeff tells us what he'd include in a letter to his 17-year-old self.
  • Then, Jeff tells us what he considers "the hottest thing ever" !!!
  • Finally, we play a fun game with Jeff. Where we kind of scare him. And it's pretty dang funny.

Join us for #WYAKW on twitter and check out our instagram challenge!

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Books We Fell For In Fall And Are Wishing For In Winter- the 2015 Version

We're back with another episode with Jaime and Erin, our favorite twinnies from Fiction Fare. Just like we did last time, we're bringing you our Favorite Fall Reads as well as our Most Anticipated Upcoming Winter 2016 Releases. Are you ready? Have a listen and leave us comment to let us know which books made your list!

Podcast Notes

  • We talk about our favorite Fall Reads.
  • We point out that Jaime never follows the rules always reads books way ahead of time.
  • We laugh about the fact that Meg is the only one who has read a particular fantasy series. Because dragons.
  • We are (not really) shocked by one of the books on Erin's Fall List.
  • We lament about the lack of resolution we get when reading all of Jennifer E. Smith's books.
  • There might be a mention of a secret word.
  • We list our most anticipated Winter 2016 reads.
  • We give you one of our #bookgoals.

Be sure you're following us on Twitter: Swoony Boys Podcast  Fiction Fare  And on Instagram: Swoony Boys Podcast  Fiction Fare  Thanks for listening, everyone! WhaddYA Know Wednesday Trivia on Swoony Boys Podcast and Fiction Fare Let us know what you think! Ask Us a Question or Make Suggestions via our Handy Dandy Suggestion Form and tell us who's got you swooning here.

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The Time We Did a Half Book Bang

Podcast Notes

Here's a handy dandy list of all of the books our hotties of the month came from in this episode (in alphabetical order):

Check out Swoony Boys Podcast for the quote mentioned as well as lots of fun stuff!

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Podcast Notes

  • We remind you about our previous posts about BEA, including our 2014 BEA Podcast Episode and our Pre-BEA posts filled with fun tips.
  • We kicked things off talking about our favorite books we grabbed at BEA.
  • Then we spent some time lamenting the fact that we don't rule the world and metaphorically wept over the fact that we didn't get a few books that we really wanted. Even the ones that haven't been written yet.
  • Next we dished on some of the authors that we were crazy excited to meet/see.
  • We came to the conclusion that Adam Silvera was actually stalking us instead of the the other way around.
  • Then we discussed some of the awesome Publisher and Blogger Events we got to attend. #totalwin
  • We mentioned some of the reasons this BEA was the best ever. Pedicures and napping together were involved.
  • Then we talk about BEA 2016, which has a new location (Chicago) and earlier dates (May 11 - May 13, 2016)!
  • And again, Like every podcast, we have some more thank yous. ♥
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26: The Time We Tried To Pick A Single Book Boyfriend

Podcast Notes

  • Erin chooses Bishop Lattimer from The Book of Ivy by Amy Engel.
  • No surprise that Kassiah names Étienne St. Clair from Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins.
  • Jaime was all about Jase Garrett from My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick.
  • We take a moment to discuss why more people don't choose Jase as their book boyfriends (even though it's technically not allowed).
  • Of course Meg picked Four from the Divergent Series by Veronica Roth.

Then we talk about our hotties of the month:

  • Mateo Torres from All Played Out by Cora Carmack
  • Fill-in Bradley from The Fill In Boyfriend by Kasie West
  • We discuss why all of Kasie West's books rock.
  • Michael St. Clair from Crushed by Lauren Layne
  • Alec Flynn from The Confession (part of The Body Works Trilogy) by Sierra Kincade
  • Kiran from The Glass Arrow by Kristen Simmons
  • Then we talk about why Kristen Simmons is the queen of character interviews (as seen in our interviews with Chase and Sean from the Article 5 Series and Kiran from the Glass Arrow.
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