Swoony Boys Podcast (general)

We get started with what's on our Bookish Christmas Wishlists!

We talk about the Books We Hope Santa Will Be Bringing to Us

We also talked about Erin and Kassiah's need for tools, why coloring books stress some of us out, and the magic of Gifster.

Finally, we discuss our favorite reads in 2017.

Thanks for listening!

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Podcast Notes


  • Charlotte Huang starts us off with her elevator pitch for Going Geek, where her idea for the book came from, and what a typical writing day looks like for her.
  • Next, we ask about how she develops her writing and characters and how long it took for Going Geek to hit shelves from when she first started drafting.
  • Charlotte shares some insight into Declan and Skylar's characters and what it takes to write a swoony boy.
  • We talk about some of Charlotte's experiences attending a boarding school and what her favorite scenes in Going Geek were.
  • We find out the characters from Charlotte's books that she'd most like to introduce.
  • We dish music and Charlotte gives some sage wisdom to her 17-year-old self (and teens everywhere).
  • We talk TBR piles, books that need more love, and the swooniest boys of all.
  • We play a fun word association game.
  • We wrap things up with Charlotte flipping the tables on us and asking us questions. :)
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