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We cannot express all the excitements we feel when introducing our featured author to you today in our latest Author Talk Podcast Episode: Jeff Zenter, author of the extraordinary The Serpent King! *epicflails* We're thrilled that he stopped by to chat with us, along with our favorite twinnies from Fiction Fare. We know you’re as excited as we are to hear what Jeff has to say about all the things, so jump right on in, and don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments.

Podcast Notes

  • Jeff gives us his elevator pitch for The Serpent King. There's an echoish noise. We're sorry about that, but we promise it goes away by the time we get to question two!
  • Jeff Zentner admits that he was obsessed with teen fashion bloggers ;)
  • We talk about the characters in The Serpent King and lots of interesting things about Jeff's writing process and how much he likes the editing process.
  • We discuss growing up in a small town.
  • Jeff (sort of) admits that he totally meant to make us cry. Even though he basically says he didn't.
  • Jeff shares his favorite scenes. And he makes a reference to Friday Night Lights that made us love him even more. #cleareyesfullhearts
  • We get a glimpse of what's on Jeff's current reads list and massive TBR pile.
  • Jeff tells us what he'd include in a letter to his 17-year-old self.
  • Then, Jeff tells us what he considers "the hottest thing ever" !!!
  • Finally, we play a fun game with Jeff. Where we kind of scare him. And it's pretty dang funny.

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