Swoony Boys Podcast
Author Talk with Erin Summerill
  • Erin Summerill gives us her elevator pitch for the first book in the Clash of Kingdom series, Ever the Hunted and tells us where she got the idea for the series.
  • We get the 411 on Erin's writing environment--and what she likes to wear while she writes!
  • We find out about Erin's outlining process, her drafting time, and how she planned to celebrate the release of Ever the Hunted.
  • Erin dishes on the setting for the series and some of her favorite scenes.
  • We talk other characters, Kass and Erin take us on a journey about the awesomeness of Sarina Bowen's books.
  • Erin Summerill gives us two truths and a lie, and we have to figure out which are true!
  • Erin shares what she would include in a letter to her 17 year old self.
  • Then we talk about what's on Erin's TBR, some of her favorites, and a few books she feels are underappreciated.
  • Then everyone fusses at Jaime for reading too far ahead of schedule.
  • Erin tells us some of her favorite swoony boys.
  • We wrap things up by playing a fun word association game with Erin, and it's awesome!


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