Swoony Boys Podcast
Author Talk ft Robin Constantine
  • Robin Constantine gives us her elevator pitch for The Season of You & Me and tells us what inspired her to write the story.
  • We chat about Jason Street a little bit. And swoon over Tim Riggins for a second.
  • li>Robin shares her writing environment and the way she writes.
  • We find out the way Robin celebrated when The Season of You & Me hit shelves.
  • Robin gives us the 411 on where her characters came from and if this is the last we'll see of Cassidy and Bryan.
  • We dish on summer camp a little bit before Robin reveals some of her favorite scenes.
  • We play two truths and a lie with Robin. You'll be surprised by her answers!
  • We get a little serious and ask Robin what she would include in a letter to her teenage self. Robin tells us what's on her always-growing TBR pile and the books she thinks are the most under-appreciated.
  • You know us--we have to talk about the swoon. Robin shares how she writes her swoony boys.
  • Finally, we play a little word association game with Robin. It's fun!


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