Swoony Boys Podcast

We start off with Mary E. Pearson giving us her elevator pitch for the Dance of Thieves series.

Then she tells us where the idea for the series came from, and it might surprise you.

Next we talk about what a typical writing day is like for Mary and how she develops her work.

Mary dives into her publication process and how she celebrates each book's release.

You know we have to talk about Jase some more, so that is exactly what we do.

Next Mary lets us know what is difficult about writing in the YA Fantasy genre as well as the best part

Then we dish all things Kazi, and Mary reveals the character from her book that she would love to introduce to someone else's character.

Mary discusses what she would include in a letter to her teenage self, and then we play a little game where she reveals two truths and a lie. Of course, we get it wrong.

Mary reveals her favorite scenes from Dance of Thieves and Vow of Thieves and then lets us know about her TBR pile.

She also reveals her favorite books that she goes back to whenever she needs to get the creative juices flowing.

We chat just a bit (or a lot) more about Mary's favorite swoony boys and finish with a fun word association game.

We wrap things up with Mary promising to hang out with us in real life where she'll spill all the secrets. 😈


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