Swoony Boys Podcast

Emily Henry kicks us off with her elevator pitch for A Million Junes and tells us her inspiration for the book. Grab a tissue, pretties!

We find out what a typical writing day looks like in the world of Emily Henry and how she develops her writing.

Next, Emily shares how writing A Million Junes was different from anything else and why she would be leaving in handcuffs if the cops were to show up at her house.

Then Emily lets us know how about the publishing process for A Million Junes and how many adverbs she had to remove from her initial drafts.

We dish about Saul and his swoony-ness and what it was like to develop his relationship with June as well as about June's relationship with Hannah and how it does mirror some relationships in Emily's own life. #besties4lyfe

We talk about genre-bending and some of Emily's favorite scenes and parts of A Million Junes.

Emily tells us the character she'd most like to introduce June to.

We play two truths and a lie, which leads to an interesting discussion about the joys of cilantro and a hilarious mishap she had in her mom's car. *grin*

Emily tells us what she would write in a letter to her 17-year old self, and it's deep.

We shift gears and talk about what's on Emily's TBR pile and the books she wants to help spread the word about. Then she tells us who her favorite swoony boys are--we think you might be surprised when you find out a few of her picks!

We wrap things up with a fun word association game.

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